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Our Story

Czech North American Chamber of Commerce & Culture (CNACCC Inc.) is a non-profit organization that serves as a platform for enhancing and promoting bilateral relations, business, and culture between the Czech Republic and the United States. The chamber was established in November 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. The business part is run by DBA (doing business as) Czech North American Chamber of Commerce & Culture. The cultural part is run by DBA (doing business as) Moravian Glory Foundation.

Our Address

5405 Rafe Banks Drive
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
Phone: 770-965-2933
Email: info@cnaccc.org
Website: www.cnaccc.org

Our Mission

  • To improve business, trade, and direct investment between the U.S. and the Czech Republic 
  • To ensure cultural and academic exchanges between artists and scholars of the U.S. and the Czech Republic 
  • To provide networking opportunities for the CNACCC members and all who may have an interest in Czech American business and cultural exchange

Our History

The chamber is a successor of the original Czech-North American Chamber that was established in March 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, and dissolved for inactivity in December 2016. This original chamber was co-founded by two Czech Canadian entrepreneurs and philanthropists Thomas J. Bata and A. Karel Velan as a result of their enthusiasm after the fall of communism in 1989 caused by the Velvet Revolution in the former Czechoslovakia. The activities of the organization involved establishing commercial ties between Czechoslovakia, Canada, and the United States. The proclamation signing ceremony appeared in 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts on the occasion of the visit of Petr Pithart, at that time the President of the Czech Senate of the Czech Republic, while also commemorating the 80th anniversary of the creation of Czechoslovakia. Even though the original idea was to revive this original chamber, due to longer dissolution than 5 years this was not possible. Therefore, we at least want to honor the original founders and with agreement from the original board, we are ready to continue the idea of advancing the business, trade, and culture between the U.S. and the Czech Republic.

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